Learn about how ethical clothing is different, how it is produced and why it is important to think about what you buy… before buying it. Vote with your dollar. We will introduce you to the makers of the things. We believe in transparency. We also believe that in order for people to get better at something, they need both practice and practice. It’s like learning to play the tuba… we need to get past the awkward stages to a place where things get good.

Handmade , sustainable clothing online

Once upon a time in Spain, a woman named Gabriela decided that chic footwear shouldn’t cost the earth, or the happiness of those on it. She created an environmentally conscious start up using materials that were as locally sourced as possible with extreme care for quality and eco credibility. Materials that can be extracted from nature without harm, such as natural rubber and cork go into a circular business model that strives toward the goal of becoming zero waste in the near future. The shoes are also made from recycled materials using ecological chrome free and metal free tanned leather with minimal environmental impact to make unique, fabulous shoes that are the perfect combo of trendy, timeless and comfortable.

MOMOC’s aim is to respect humans, animals and the environment, believing it’s time to take a fashionable walk on the conscious side.

 Handmade , sustainable clothing online

With her childhood inclination toward crafting and creating, Shivani was destined to become an accessories designer. In early 2015, she decided to kickstart the launch of a lifestyle accessories brand that would pay tribute to animals, nature & minimalism.

Arture - a portmanteau of the words Art and Nature.

Launched on Indiegogo, Arture was registered as a company on November 17th 2015, using 100% natural cork fabrics from the Mediterranean to create wallets, handbags, sleeves and travel accessories for both men and women. Their cruelty-free range of products quickly earned PETA-approved Vegan certification.

Less is more. Arture strongly believes in minimalism, functionality and sustainability, assuring their quality lifestyle accessories insist that least harm is done to the environment. In June 2017, Arture partnered with ResQ, a not-for-profit animal charity that provides medical aid and rehabilitation for animals that face injury or adversity and any kind of physical or psychological abuse. A portion of very Arture purchase goes directly to that cause.

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 Handmade , sustainable clothing online

"For the love of fashion…For the love of 2 cultures…"

Designer Monika Verma’s inspiration is the fusion of Indian and Arab traditions and culture… a tribute to intricacies in garments through handiwork and embroideries, textiles and handlooms to create the perfect garment for the ideal woman. MOUVE is a tangible amalgamation, intertwining beauty with art, tradition with fashion, style with culture.

Each piece is singularly handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, capturing traditional weaving artistry, hand done embroideries, and creating a fine balance between Asian influences and global trends. The collection fuses contemporary silhouettes with ethical influences and fun embellishments.

 Handmade , sustainable clothing online
The Loom Art

The aim of this group of Independent Artists and Designers who are working on conscious and fashion forward 100% handmade collections is to empower the marginalized workers and artisans who bring each collection to life. Offering an opportunity to connect the wearer with their purchases, working together to preserve the heritage and art that is diminishing due to mass production and our race towards automation. Recreating hand embroideries like Cross-Stitch reminds us of simpler days when our grandmothers creations gave us true connection to our closets and kept story telling alive.

Founder Aarushi Kilawat, a graduate of Pearl Fashion Design Academy and Nottingham Trent University in the UK, truly believes in Designing for a Cause, as the creator of Braille Tags for garments in 2013 and sitting on the Board of Directors at Naya Sawara Ngo for HIV & Especially Abled Kids in 2016.

 Handmade , sustainable clothing online

Independent Artists is group that is working on conscious and fashion forward collection. Each collection empowers marginalized workers and artisans behind these products.

We aim to preserve the heritage and art that is diminishing due to mass production and our race towards automation. Each piece is exclusive and 100% handmade.