What is style VS fashion

Back in the days of our great grandmothers, getting dressed had a different meaning. Trends were still “a thing” but they didn’t move so quickly. And people didn’t have as many clothes. They didn’t need to because they knew about something called STYLE. This is different than fashion.

We love fashion because it’s a way of wordlessly telling people who we are… how we feel. Literally wearing ourselves on our sleeves… and our hips, and feet, and in our hair… Anyway, the reason we get so excited about clothing is because it gives us the opportunity to show different moods, sides of our personality, likes and dislikes… who we are. Our Style.

But then, what does that say for those who are blindly following trends? Just doing what we are told to? Obsessing over a celebrity we’ve never even met (and who, quite honestly, isn’t even herself… but has become a branded money magnet for her agent and stylist?) or taking advice from magazines and influencers that are being paid to tell us what to buy? It doesn’t say good things.

Fashion is an industry, almost a machine, that has taken that concept of PERSONAL STYLE away from us and turned it into a tool to get us to buy stuff. Usually stuff we don’t want or need.


Photo Credit: DeMorris Byrd

Most people don’t actually know what their style is. They have spent so long being told what it should be that they haven’t taken the time to sort it out. That’s kind of unfortunate. And silly. If somebody is super into clothes, they should also be into discovering their unique style, no? Things like what colors they love, and which ones do they look best in? What clothes fit their shape best and are the most flattering? But also different fabrics, cuts, details etc make a world of difference in what your wardrobe says about you. You know immediately when somebody in the room has achieved an understanding of their style… who they are. Sometimes it’s because they look like they are wearing a million bucks, sure, but sometimes it’s because they own their retro look, or their boho fabulousness. Vintage shoppers understand better than most what it’s like to find the dress, and they love to rock the liberty curls to go with it!

Photo credit: Melody Jacob 

We often think that these people have some crazy fountain of confidence that erupts from within them, that we could “never pull off that look”… and this is TRUE. Because it’s their look. When you find your look, you will have that same confidence and not only will you be able to pull it off, you will own it. Go forth and STYLE yourselves people!

Photo Credit: Alexi Romano