Electrically Driven

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of a vehicle ACTUALLY being entirely electric AND being able to drive anywhere, was kinda laughable. I mean those of us who believed, we knew in our hearts that it was probable. Because… I mean the moon, and how they get those neat little thingies into bubble tea… amiright? We just thought, you know… it might take a lot of years.


We now have these amazing things like FLEETS of double decker buses in London, Manchester and Birmingham. QUIET busses… that don’t make the air stink!

In Victoria Canada the waterways will soon be taken over by a company who operates 26’ long boat water taxis that are zero-emission, cost only ten cents an hour to run and are built right in British Columbia (so local to them). We have an entire slate of airlines that are aiming for electric planes for the near future, which is really good, because air travel is one of the major polluters of transport… and one of the most costly. Ten years ago the eco types were calling for an end to all international travel for leisure (that means your vacay) in the name of reducing carbon emissions, fuel conservation, lots of other things that basically meant it was super bad news for the environment. Electric travel will mean that not only is it still doable, but likely the savings on fuel will mean less expensive travel… which means upgrading to fancy class… which means better munchies on the plane… which means…

...sorry, where were we going with that? I was off on an eco tour to Barcelona for a minute there. Oh right, how not only is it POSSIBLE to fix things, but that we are actually doing it! YAY US! And yay to the engineers that are putting these things into action way ahead of schedule. We salute you.