Our VibeTribe is ALL the fun in one place. And often many places. Cavorting about the universe looking utterly fierce at (almost) all times… and spreading the goodness about like fairy whatnots and unicorn somethingorothers. They are the ones leading the way into a future where people make an impact by thinking, caring and doing. Fabulously.


The icon

Nikki lives in glam thrifted. She is kind of an incredibly gifted fashion nut… but not the fast kind. She has a brilliant eye for finding the exact right piece in often the strangest of places and is always so well finessed she basically turns the sidewalk into a catwalk. She’s also a mom. Of two. We worship.

The free spirit

Jenalle is our resident “do what’s good for you” girl. She walks (and eats, sleeps, breathes) the talk… well. She’s also cute as a button. Boho is her middle name, but she’s got others. Outdoorsy, Yoga-sy… is Festival-sy a style? It’s very hard to find a solo photo of Jenny where she’s not with the Fam on the side of a mountain, on a roadtrip or on a dirt dancefloor. She doesn’t find the fun in life, the fun finds her… ev.er.y.where.

The Badass fairie

Auraya is a bit of an anomaly. She’s a super adorable and sweet amazonian badass. And artsy. And she giggles a lot. And wears cargos and camo. And while you wouldn’t immediately think she had an interest in fashion per se, she’s mastered the perfect wing and walks a catwalk like she was born to it. Cute is definitely the wrong word, because if she wanted to there’s no doubt that she could skin you… but you’d have to work REALLY hard to make her want to. We think.

The traveller

Joy’s got #Wanderlust in her blood. Nothing makes her happier than exploring and she and Bae spend as much time as possible on the road or in the sky… or at the beach… in the pool… In fact her IG is so full of bikini pics she’s nearly got SI beat. Otherwise she mostly falls into the boho category, but she’s game for pretty much any look as long as she can take it on the road with her. Lucky for her, that road takes her to some pretty swank venues.

the tartlette

Tori is our #PartyGirl. If it’s got a lit beat, a turnt crowd and a place for her to strut her hoola hooping moves she’s there. Also much lakeside beaching is necessary for recovery, obvs. Also one of our more social butterflies, she LOVES the camera but it’s tricky to find solo pics of her, so we’ll just have to take some. Photoshoot coming soon…

the beauty queen

Eowyn is a Dancer. And not just… she dances. She is sort of this ephemeral spirit of dance that chooses to hang out in this gorgeous body. She is all things movement and grace, right down to her attitude toward life. When she’s not lounging at the beach, you can find her in some form of “go”… either on a festival stage or hanging by silks from the ceiling as part of the Discover Circus. She likes pretty, natural and color, but her style is that vintage-y version of classic that involves amazing shapes and much appreciation of curves.

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