You will recognize which products support each initiative by spying THESE icons in their info section! (Because simple.)

Women/ Minority Empowerment

“I am woman, hear me roar!” Ammirite? We all know that the fight for women’s rights and equality for minorities is constant… and here’s to the generation that might finally get it! But it’s very safe to say that in many ways, the fight for equality in most developed countries are MUCH further along than those in other nations.  We specifically look to work with brands that have helped to give a leg up to both women run/ owned, and minority run initiatives. By sourcing from cooperatives or through brands that highlight the use of women’s / minority’s coops, we are doing our part to provide an opportunity for those who might not otherwise have one to care for their families in a productive and gratifying way of life.

Sustainable & Eco Fabrics

UNorganic cotton is one of the most highly polluting agri-crops on the planet. The manufacturing of ONE Tshirt wastes the amount of water that a person drinks in 3 years! We think it’s au natural and good because it’s a plant, right? It’s actually super nasty. By supporting the use of organic cotton and other natural and organic textiles, we are turning the tide of how these crops are grown for textile manufacturing.

Fashion is a machine. We can make it a powerful force for good if we do it right. Just like any superhero story, there is a fight between Good (organic, sustainable, eco, slow fashion) and Evil (fast fashion) being waged right now in the closets of millions of people around the planet. We are here to help. We at MIRASHO shall clothe the Fashionista Warriors in a rainbow of eco frocks and send our #VibeTribe out into the fray to put a stop to the evils of fast fashion polluting the planet and disrespecting the people on it!

Cruelty Free

Actually this one is a bit sticky. Because we hate plastic. Like… we hate plastic a LOT. And MOST of the “cruelty free” fashion out there right now is in fact some form of vinyl, which is plastic. In fact what technically happened is the huge vegan movement in sales has given those companies who made cheap vinyl accessories etc in the past, license to rebrand as vegan and up their prices. SO we don’t sell that. We sell cruelty free, plant based product only under this icon.

Gives Back

There are many ways that a brand can choose to give back to society or their local communities. We often think of charitable donations, which a lot of brands do contribute to, but there are also direct correlations that some brands have to making a difference… and by purchasing their products you are supporting these initiatives. From helping to erase poverty and feeding families to environmental support systems to integration of education, your new T-shirt could mean that you are looking fab AND making a world of difference!

Saving Art & Culture & Stuff

Imagine entire villages that have passed down ways of making things pretty for generations. Grandmothers teaching granddaughters how to weave, bead and embroider fabrics to make accessories and clothing that aren’t simply to wear and look good, but to pass along heritage and history. When these artists can’t find buyers for their goods, they have to go and get other jobs and their talents get lost in the shuffle of daily life. By working with them to create things we love with their skills, we ensure that their craft keeps on keeping on.



adjective: hand-made

1. made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality. "her expensive handmade couture gown”

We live in this weird place in time where we are accustomed to things that have been mass produced and are created to look EXACTLY THE SAME… but where is the good in that? Once upon a time (around the same time that your great-grandmother was looking in her closet for something to wear to her fancy shindigs) people took pride in finding things that were made by hand with care and attention to detail. Brands with this icon create their pieces this way, using skilled craftspeople and not mass production.

Growing Trees. breathing is good.

Through our suppliers in India we are connected to the organization It is said that to counter the amount of oxygen a person breathes, they must plant 60 trees during their lifetime. So far Grow-Trees has contributed by planting nearly 3.5 million trees (over 68 million Kg of CO2 absorption per year) and has generated nearly 300,000 days of employment… and we are helping them to achieve more!

Eco Agri(culture)

Our initiative supports the farmers not only USING organic cotton (yay for the planet… and for you not carrying around agro-toxins) but also supports the farmers who are growing it. Once upon a time a chemical giant used India’s farmers as guinea pigs for their bad seeds. Those who have been affected by the mass switch to UNorganic cotton under the nefarious rule of they who shall not be named (but are evil), let go of their seed production. Then, when crops failed those same farmers were left out in the cold (well not cold, it doesn’t get cold there). Getting back to their organic roots means the farmers are back in control of their livelihood and make fair wages and can support their families.