What Is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical Fashion basically means GOOD, HAPPY design, production, retail, and purchasing. It means that things like the working conditions where products are made, exploitation of workers, fair trade practices, sustainable production and materials, the environment, and animal welfare are all considered. Because…

  • fashion is the world’s second largest polluter
  • the amount of water it takes to make one Tshirt is what you drink in 3 years
  • 100 million shoppers visit London's Oxford Street shopping district alone every year
  • workers are paid pennies to make goods that sell for tens to hundreds of dollars
  • children are often forced to work in abusive and unsanitary situations
  • the less expensive fabrics and materials (often various forms of plastic) are the worst for the environment
  • cotton, even though it’s a plant, is one of the worst crops for the planet and uses more
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