So who is MIRASHO anyway?

We are pretty much your answer to the question we know has been keeping you up at night...

How do I look totally adorable in this dress and still feel OK about wearing it when I know Fashion is a bad guy now?!?

No really, stick with us.

After spending over a decade working for apparel giants, we realized some hard realities of Fashion as an Industry. You may be surprised to learn that the Fashion Industry recruits over 40 million workers worldwide and that most of them work in toxic, unethical conditions for next to no pay. The gross result of an industry that constantly churns out new product, wanted or not, has greatly contributed to the degradation of our planet.

But moreso, we know that we need to fix it with something fabulous. There needs to be a fashion forward option that celebrates both the artisans and the people WEARING their creations who are unique and stylish, beyond trends. With a vision to make all fashion-wear gorgeous and socially responsible, Mirasho is born.

Our team is made up of people who have spent the last decade or more of their lives in the industry... with experience with large scale brands, fashion magazines and textile techs. We are ready to bring something new and exciting to the sustainable fashion world, and we want YOU to help us build MIRASHO as an interactive community, not just a shopping platform, with your ideas and input.

We believe in diversity and not commonality. We want to create an opportunity to create looks that give expression to your likes and tastes. To your identity. Our goal is to create style with choice. We cherish those who follow their passion and develop their own identity through expression. And action.

Mirasho is a community that brings someone's imagination and design to connect with fun loving fashionistas who are unconventional, educated, opinionated and discerning. Who admire treasures from around the world. We believe in diversity... not commonality. Nature, people, wit and living BIG inspire us.

Welcome to Mirasho.